The Horsemen of the Hopocalypse

 American Homebrew Association’s 2023 Radegast Club of the Year

Welcome to the Horsemen of the Hopocalypse, where beer enthusiasts and hobbyists come together to share their passion for brewing and all things beer-related. Our club is a tight-knit community of homebrewers, from beginners to experienced brewers, who meet regularly to exchange tips, techniques, and ideas on how to make the perfect pint. Whether you’re a seasoned brewer looking to refine your craft or a curious newcomer interested in learning more about the art of brewing, our club offers a welcoming and supportive environment where you can connect with fellow beer lovers and take your brewing skills to the next level.

From tastings and competitions to workshops and social events, we have something for everyone, and we’re always happy to welcome new members to our community. Join us today and discover the joy of homebrewing in Fort Worth!


Spirit of '76 Homebrew Competition








Interested in learning more?

Not sure where to start brewing? Want to come to an event? Learn about membership? Our favorite brewery in the area? Contact us with any questions you might have. Would love to hear from you!

We have members from many areas in DFW ranging from Arlington, Burleson, and Denton. We are centralized in Ft. Worth and frequent breweries such as Cowtown, Maple Branch, and HopFusion.